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  All the images on this page are the work and copyright of Nikki Kendrick. Click on the thumbnails below to see the full image. Please do not copy these images without prior permission from the artist.  
brain 2   contention   door 1

Brain 2, 2002



Contention, 2004



Door 1, 2004


untitled   window   door 2

Untitled, 2004



Window, 2004



Door 2, 2004


sax & guitar     pylon

Sax & Guitar, 2003


  Untitled, 2004 Brain 1, 2002  

Pylon, 2004



The starting point for Nikki’s work is the commonplace, and often overlooked, the discarded, the industrial and “un-aesthetic”. Her challenge is to integrate these elements into a cohesive whole. She is interested in the properties of the materials that she incorporates and the associations they evoke. Nikki’s appreciation of texture is evident in her work in which she also incorporates found objects, particularly from the everyday domestic realm, with paint and collage. Nikki's choice of materials is based on practical considerations (they are cheap and readily available) but by recycling and re-using, there is also an inherent challenge to the “ throwaway”, consumerist society.

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