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Visual Art Workshops for Schools

Mission Statement:
To inspire and realise creative potential through the visual arts.

At Nikki Kendrick Arts we believe :-

  • the visual arts can be a tool for engaging children and young people, and adults to develop confidence as well as practical skills.
  • experimentation can be as valid as the production of a “finished” product in terms of enabling learning.
  • regardless of perceived “talent”, anyone can develop their artistic “eye” and skills with training and practice.
  • you’re never too young or old to participate.

Code of Practice:
We subscribe to the Code of Practice for Artists which advocates the following principles:

  • Contribute Confidently
  • Prepare Thoroughly
  • Collaborate Creatively
  • Aim High

Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check
All artists working with Nikki Kendrick Arts, have an Enhanced Disclosure.

Individual artists have Public Liability Insurance, Limited Indemnity to £ 5,000,000.

£275.00 for one artist for a day. This includes some preparation time, and a two-hour morning and a two-hour afternoon workshop session.
£150 for a half-day workshop. This includes some preparation time and a two-hour morning or two-hour afternoon workshop session.
In some instances you may choose to have work put together to complete a final piece for display. For example the artist may be required to compose a banner from the work of individual children, after the workshop itself, this work will be charged at a rate of £20 per hour and will need to be agreed in advance of the workshop.

Booking Procedure

First Step:
If you are interested in any of the workshops listed then please make contact by phone or email. You are under no obligation at this stage and we would be pleased to discuss your requirements and provide more detail about any of the workshops.
If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, it is usually possible to customise a workshop to your requirements.
Email Nikki at or phone
01788 561594

Second Step:
If you do decide to proceed you will be asked to identify and confirm a date and then you will be sent a letter confirming arrangements.

Third Step:
Prior to the workshop you will also be contacted to confirm materials and resources that are required. You will then be sent a Pre-workshop Information Sheet, listing agreed materials and arrangements.

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